15 Best Soccer Balls for Training 2023 – For Beginners & Pros

soccer balls for Training

Whether you are a professional or amateur player, you require an appropriate practice kit that is not complete without the best soccer balls for training.

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Champion Sports Extreme Series Soccer Ball, Size 4 - Youth League, All Weather, Soft Touch, Maximum...
Best Seller
WILSON Traditional Soccer Ball - Size 5, Black/White
Good Pick
adidas MLS Capitano Soccer Ball Solar Yellow/Black/Football Blue 3
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GoSports Classic Black and White Soccer Ball with Premium Pump - Available as Single Balls or 6 Pack...
Champion Sports Extreme Series Soccer Ball, Size 4 - Youth League, All Weather, Soft Touch, Maximum...
WILSON Traditional Soccer Ball - Size 5, Black/White
adidas MLS Capitano Soccer Ball Solar Yellow/Black/Football Blue 3
GoSports Classic Black and White Soccer Ball with Premium Pump - Available as Single Balls or 6 Pack...
Sport Type
Volleyball, Soccer
Soccer, American Football
Amazon's Choice
Champion Sports Extreme Series Soccer Ball, Size 4 - Youth League, All Weather, Soft Touch, Maximum...
Champion Sports Extreme Series Soccer Ball, Size 4 - Youth League, All Weather, Soft Touch, Maximum...
Sport Type
Volleyball, Soccer
Best Seller
WILSON Traditional Soccer Ball - Size 5, Black/White
WILSON Traditional Soccer Ball - Size 5, Black/White
Sport Type
Soccer, American Football
Good Pick
adidas MLS Capitano Soccer Ball Solar Yellow/Black/Football Blue 3
adidas MLS Capitano Soccer Ball Solar Yellow/Black/Football Blue 3
Sport Type
Don't Miss
GoSports Classic Black and White Soccer Ball with Premium Pump - Available as Single Balls or 6 Pack...
GoSports Classic Black and White Soccer Ball with Premium Pump - Available as Single Balls or 6 Pack...
Sport Type

When searching for the perfect training ball, it might be difficult to figure out which size, material, or brand to pick since the market is overflown with so many quality products.

Comparison Table:

Luckily, there are ways to filter training balls according to your needs. To help you make the best possible choice, we have put together a list of some of the best-reviewed soccer balls for training in the section below.

Top Picks Football Balls For Practice

1. Champion Sports Extreme Series Composite Soccer Ball

hampion Sports Extreme Series Composite Soccer Ball

Coming from the Champion store, this affordable training ball is available in multiple colors and three sizes for you to choose from. It is an excellent choice for beginners to mid-level athletes, and it is built for optimal surface coverage and handling in various weather conditions.

This training ball is made of TPU, which is a mix of soft and hard silicone, and it offers fluid handling, kicking, and passing. It is constructed with a butyl bladder that ensures exceptional air retention and precision.

The ball features machine-stitched panels that are reinforced to get you extra strength and better handling. It will help you perfect your footwork and accuracy, and considering the fact that Champion balls are built to last for a very long time, it is an investment well worth every penny.

This training ball can last through the season and take quite a bit of kicking and abuse, so it gives an exceptional value considering the meager price.

2. Adidas Capitano Soccer Ball

Adidas Capitano Soccer Ball

Adidas Capitano is a high-quality soccer ball that is available in a whopping 35 color patterns and several size options for you to choose from. The feeling of this ball is a bit harder than competitors in this pricing range, but this does not present any problem since it is very accurate and authentic when struck.

This ball features a machine-stitched construction alongside an internal nylon-wound carcass which drastically improves the product’s durability. It is covered in TPU material that successfully replicates the look and the feel of a premium match ball.

Adidas Capitano has a butyl bladder that ensures it retains its shape in most of the training and match conditions. It moves exceptionally well, and it is an excellent choice for passing drills during training sessions.

The only downside of this product is that the materials are not exactly suited for all conditions, and its skin might crack if exposed to moisture for too long. Other than that, it is an excellent training ball worth checking out.

3. SKLZ Golden Touch Weighted Soccer Technique Training Ball

SKLZ Golden Touch Weighted Soccer Technique Training Ball

SKLZ Golden Touch is an exceptional training ball that mimics the movement and feel of the match ball. Its primary purpose is to help you develop technique and ball control throughout your training sessions. It is available in size 5 and weighs 1.4 pounds.

Although it is mainly good for developing ball control, this training ball is also suitable for improving other aspects of your game, such as shooting, passing, or receiving both short passes and driven balls.

Since it is a smaller model, Golden Touch is also great for individual goalkeeper practices, improving their reaction time and positioning during saves. It is an excellent coaching tool that can be incorporated into multiple aspects of the training, but it is also terrific for individual practices both on the pitch and at home.

The heavyweight of the ball stimulates players to improve their handling, passing, and first touch, while the smaller diameter drives them to use more articulate footwork—great value for the money.

4. QUICKPLAY Replay Soccer Training Ball

QUICKPLAY Replay Soccer Training Ball

Quickplay soccer training ball is an exceptional choice for players that want to improve their all-around skills on the court. It comes with a Replay base that returns the ball every time you kick it.

This is a perfect training tool since it maximizes the amount of contact time with the ball and helps you to work intensively on various skills. Furthermore, it is perfect for individual practices, and you can pick either size 4 or size 5.

To spice up your drills, you can also adjust the length of the cord from 1 to 36 feet by wrapping it around the Replay base. The base itself is very stable, is made of rubber, and weighs 6.6 lbs. You can use it in both indoor and outdoor conditions.

The ball is strong, durable, and can be used by adults and youth teams. The anti-snap cord comes with a spinner that is designed to stop it from twisting during practice sessions.

5. WILSON Traditional Soccer Ball

WILSON Traditional Soccer Ball

This machine-sewn sewn ball comes from the Wilson store, and it is available in two color patterns and sizes 3, 4, and 5 for you to choose from. It has a traditional look and design of the pentagon panels in black and white.

The ball has sufficient weight that allows you to practice your passing and crossing skills efficiently. It also provides you with enough rebound, so you can train to improve your dribbling, shooting, and handling skills.

The cover of this Wilson ball is made of synthetic leather, which provides excellent durability and soft touch. It features a butyl bladder so it can retain its shape throughout longer practice sessions and in different weather conditions.

The ball is firm, crisp, and accurate when it comes to movement and one-touch passing. If your footwork fundamentals are good, you will certainly enjoy training with this quality, reasonably-priced ball.

6. SHOKE Soccer Ball

SHOKE Soccer Ball

Coming from the Shoke store, this training soccer ball is available in size 5 and is a suitable choice for both kids and adults. It is a very durable ball with bonded panel edges with no gaps, which provides excellent water resistance.

It features a butyl bladder that provides excellent air retention and keeps the ball inflated for a longer period. In addition, you will be required to inflate the ball once a month to get the best possible rebound, which will enable you to practice dribbling, shooting, and handling more efficiently.

Shoke training ball also features special thermal-bonding technology that increases durability and reduces the water seepage inside the ball’s body. The outer layer is made of quality PU full-grain leather that provides a stable flight of the ball.

The second layer is made of POE foam, which grants a perfect balance of contact and provides you with excellent bounce. In addition, this product comes at an affordable price and offers exceptional value for it.

7. SELECT Numero 10 Soccer Ball

SELECT Numero 10 Soccer Ball

This training ball comes in a white/blue color pattern and is available in size five. It is one of the best balls on the market in this price range. The Numero 10 features a classic stitched 32-panel design that is generally one of the best designs for a soccer ball.

The panels are made of thick microfiber PU material that provides you with a similar feel as synthetic leather. The outer material is very durable, which also means that some break-in time is required. Since there is no foam or padding, it might feel too hard at the start, but after you take it on the court and give it a couple of hard kicks, you will notice a significant difference within an hour.

The ball reacts excellently on strikes, and it is pretty accurate. This is an excellent feature since most modern-day training balls can be unpredictable and can dip or swerve randomly, which is not the case with the Numero 10.

It is NFHS and NCAA approved and comes at a very affordable 40 dollars, which is pretty rare. Numero 10 is an excellent training ball with exceptional value for the price, well worth checking out.

8. GoSports Classic Soccer Ball

GoSports Classic Soccer Ball

Coming from the GoSports store, this classic training soccer ball is available in sizes 3, 4, and 5, and you can choose between a single ball and a six-pack. Of course, a six-pack offers an exceptional bargain per ball, and it is a trendy choice for coaches, camps, and schools.

The outer layer is constructed of sturdy synthetic leather, which grants you exceptional durability alongside soft touch and the feel on the court. The ball boasts a butyl rubber which provides excellent air retention and keeps it inflated for an extended period.

GoSports classic soccer ball features the embedded shock absorption layer for a better feel, and woven polyester reinforcement grants more durability. The product also comes with a premium pump with a needle included so that you can inflate it immediately.

For the current Amazon price for this product, you are getting exceptional value since it can take quite a lot of beating and is extremely durable.

9. KPASON Training Soccer Ball

KPASON Training Soccer Ball

Made from environment-friendly TPU material, this training soccer ball comes from the Kpason store and is available in two color patterns in size 5. The outer material is thicker and provides excellent scratch resistance.

The TPU material cover boasts TPE foam that grants a very soft touch and feel throughout games and practices. It is designed to help you improve your soccer skills and performance, and it is suitable both for kids and adults.

The machine-sewing technology that Kpason uses provides strong stitches that add even more durability. The cover is non-slip and water-resistant, designed to endure pretty much any weather conditions.

In addition, the Kpason training ball features a butyl bladder, providing excellent air retention alongside a leak-proof air valve, which prevents water from coming inside the ball’s body. Overall, this ball offers suitable performance for training, scrimmages, and games and offers superb quality and value for the price.

10. Western Star Soccer Ball

Western Star Soccer Ball

Coming from the Western Star store, this training ball comes in a variety of colors and is available for purchase in packages of 6, 12, 24, 36, 48, and 60. It is a cost-efficient solution for camps, schools, and other institutions that have organized soccer teams.

Western Star soccer balls are extremely reliable and can take quite a lot of beating from adults and kids alike due to their high durability. It features a butyl bladder that helps in shape retention and grants better responsiveness all season long.

This pairs excellently with a 2-ply, 32 panel PVC exterior that grants exceptional durability and toughness. The ball is made of premium materials and crafted with attention to detail, providing exceptional value for the money.

It is available in sizes 4 and 5, which is suitable for both kids and adults. Durable and well-constructed, Western Star training soccer ball is well worth checking out.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Soccer Ball for Training

Soccer Ball for Training

Although choosing an appropriate soccer ball for training might seem like a very simple task, it might prove much more difficult since the market is flooded with products that boast different materials, sizes, and types.

To help you make the right choice and get the best value for your money, we have assembled a brief list of guidelines you should follow in the section below.


One of the first things you should decide before spending any money is the size of the ball you require. You should pick the size depending on your age, but since the balls also differ from league to league, it is best to consult with your coach about size restrictions.

  • Size 1 – Also known as mini soccer balls or skill balls, they are generally used to improve footwork.
  • Size 3 – Smallest official balls used in matches for kids under the age of 8.
  • Size 4 – Balls used for children between the ages of 8 and 12.
  • Size 5 – Largest official balls used by players above the age of 12.


The cover is the ball’s outer layer, responsible for providing feel, softness, durability, and usability. Apart from functionality, it is also important for the overall visual appearance of the ball. The most popular choices for cover in today’s market are synthetic leather, polyurethane, and polyvinyl carbonate (PVC).


Panels are the octagon quilt patterns that you can see on the ball’s outer layer. They determine the control and movement of the ball through the air, and you can choose between balls with 8, 14, 18, 26, and 32 (FIFA official) panels. Fewer panels will make the ball faster and curve more through the air due to its lesser stability.


The bladder represents the heart of the ball, and it is its innermost part that contains air. It gives the ball shape movement, and you can choose between two types – butyl and latex. Both are excellent choices and assist in air retention efficiently.


The lining is the middle part of the ball, placed between the cover and the bladder. It plays an important role by giving the ball its shape, structure, and control. You should opt for balls that have four layers of polyester and cotton lining that will give them excellent bounce and strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

Juggling a Soccer Ball

1. What size of soccer balls do pros use?

In all domestic and international matches across the competitive calendar, professionals use size five balls that are FIFA-approved and suit their standards.

2. What is soccer ball size best for kids?

The best soccer ball size for children depends on their age. If a child is 8 years of age or younger, go for the size 3, and if a child is between 8 and 12 years of age, opt for size 4. When kids reach 12, you should buy him a size 4 soccer ball.

3. What is the best air pressure for a soccer ball?

The official FIFA rule is that the ball should have a pressure between 8.5  and 15.6 psi. However, most soccer coaches believe that the best air pressure is around 11 psi.

4. What is the best material for a soccer ball?

The best material for soccer balls is a mixture of latex bladder, a lot of lining layers, and a cover made of polyurethane material.

These are the best since you can find them in official size 5 soccer balls used in professional matches.

5. How to take care of your soccer ball

Keep your soccer ball clean. Wipe it with a soft cloth to remove dirt and dust. Do not use harsh chemicals or cleaners on the ball. Store it in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

Final Words

To get the best soccer ball for training, make sure that you have considered all the important features such as materials, durability, visual look, and of course, the price. We tried to cover all of these topics, including the ball’s construction, to paint you a better picture of an ideal product.

There are many great soccer training balls on the market, and it is up to you to pick the one that will suit your needs. We hope this article will help you make the right choice and pick the ball that will offer you exceptional value for the money. Consider reading reviews and looking for second opinions, and only then will you, without any doubt, find the perfect product without any doubt.

If you’re interested in more articles like this one you should consider checking out tropicports.com.

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